By: Adam Ioannidis

From large-scale commercial high-rises to single room residential renovations, the role of a builder can be a demanding one with many tasks that need attending to in addition to the physical labour and management of other workers. This is where our building cost consultants factor in; whether it is helping you win a job tender or managing the finances during a project. You already know the five qualities to look for in a building cost consultant, now here are six vital reasons why, as a builder, you need one of our cost consultants.

1.     Accurate cost estimations — crafting the winning tender

It is well known that the winning tender will not be the cheapest, but the most accurate. If you engage one of our expert building cost consultants, you can rest assured knowing that a methodical approach will be taken to accurately and comprehensively estimate all the labour, material and permit costs associated with the project. 

This includes finding the most cost-effective solutions in a bid to keep overall costs low whilst still staying accurate and realistic. For example, a marble benchtop may be substituted for a quartz one which will look similar yet be more cost-effective and durable; this can also display initiative to the potential client. Additionally, we also specialise in government tender costing to ensure you have a fighting chance in such a competitive market.

2.     Reports/documents review and submittal

There are numerous written aspects involved in a construction project — elements like progress claim invoices, section 94 reports or construction budgets need to be properly actioned. A qualified and experienced estimator and quantity surveyor can help you with this side of the project and ensure all relevant documentation is in order.

Construction budgets, for example, are essential to a smooth and successful project. Our cost consultants can help you lay out a comprehensive and adaptable construction budget plan using one of our many professional templates so you can account for elements such as material cost fluctuations, poor weather or contractor availability.

By engaging our qualified QS cost consultant to handle the bulk of the documentation you can dedicate more time to the construction management side of things and stress less.

3.     Neutral and accurate third-party

Our building cost consultants are dedicated to providing accurate and honest reviews of documentation, estimations and completed work for all construction projects. This means that if you are dealing with banks — which is common if the client has taken out a construction loan, for example — our impartial review and opinion will go a long way with the initial approval of the loan, especially if progress claims are involved.

4.     Ensuring progress claim accuracy

It is actually a legal requirement for a third-party quantity surveyor to review progress claim invoices filed by builders and contractors. As registered quantity surveyors, one of our consultants will inspect the site at the end of each phase and review the work done against the details in the invoice to ensure all the work is reflected accordingly.

Collectively with an accurate cash flow report and assessments of the progress claim invoice, our evaluation will allow the bank or financier to release the next phase’s allocation of funds. If you are having trouble with how to start your progress claim invoice, Accent Estimating can provide a professional and well-designed template for you to take advantage of.

5.     To take the weight off

With experienced and licensed cost consultants assisting you with the meticulous cost planning aspects of the project you can have more time to concentrate on the contractor management and labour side of things. At the end of the day, if you need plumbing installed, you will hire a plumber. So, when you require cost estimations and quantity surveying services, you will call Accent Estimating.

6.     Industry experience and lateral thinking

When considering the variety of industries we have worked in, it is no surprise that our flexibility and experience has given us unparalleled knowledge and foresight into all types of construction projects. This means we can look beyond the standard considerations and factor in niche permits that may be overlooked or other issues that may arise down the track that could potentially stall construction. It is important to be as thorough as possible and research all aspects of the project’s feasibility to ensure seamless development.

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