If you’re planning to build in NSW, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need to fill out a council cost report – otherwise known as a section 94 report. Luckily – our estimators know the ins and outs of these reports and can ensure yours is precise and comprehensive.

What is a council cost report?

A council cost report is filled out and presented to your local council in conjunction with the development application or construction certificate. If your project is estimated to be over $500,000 then the council uses the report to calculate what the section 94 contribution and fees that you will have to pay are. There are two types of council cost report forms – one for projects estimated below $500,000 and one for projects estimated to be $500,000 and above. Below are examples of the two types of reports.

Registered Quantity Surveyor Under 500K
Registered Quantity Surveyor Over 500K

What is a section 94 contribution?

A section 94 contribution (or levy) is a fee that must be paid to your local council should the estimation of your construction project reach or exceed $500,000. The contribution is used for any local infrastructure and amenities that will benefit the community – such as roads, schools etc.

Trained, experienced and trustworthy

Accent Estimating have years of experience in organising and accurately completing council cost reports. Our skills are mandatory should your project estimation reach or exceed $500,000 – but even if it’s below it’s handy to have a quality estimator on board to guarantee the most efficient and accurate results.

We guarantee a quick and stress-free experience that could take anywhere between three-five days depending on the size of your project. Our veteran team of estimators will perform thorough research to ensure all aspects of your project are accounted for in order to bring you an honest and trustworthy estimation that can be submitted to your local council.

Calculate Section 94 Levy

Enter development cost to calculate the levy paid to the government for section 94 development contribution.

Proposed Cost of Development
Levy Percentage
Levy Amount


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