Accent Estimating is a cost consultancy firm servicing the property, development and construction industry.

We are passionate about delivering accurate estimating solutions that help our clients meet their project objectives and win tenders. Our building estimators work across all major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.
Launched in 2015, Accent Estimating has delivered over 700 projects across Australia to more than 300 clients. From small refurbishments to large commercial projects, Accent Estimating combines big picture thinking with attention to detail. As a result, we have grown a strong stable of repeat clients across Australia from builders and contractors who turn over $400,000 to $20,000,0000, with project exposure ranging from $60,000 to $14,000,000.

We use the latest software (such as Buildsoft and Microsoft Project) to ensure your tender is as accurate and professional as possible.

At Accent Estimating, our goal is to deliver timely, accurate and professional cost estimating services to maximise the return on investment for clients and investors.

We have an in-depth understanding of building processes and construction costs, and it’s this expert knowledge that underpins the tenders we win for our clients. Our work has constantly been refined over the years using a mixture of industry standard rates, contractor rates and personal experience.

Director, Moises Lopez, brings 10 years’ industry experience delivering complex, multi-faceted estimation services to clients. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), as well as a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management

Why You Need An Estimator

Whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial builder you understand that winning tenders require accurate quantities and accurate pricing. With over a decade of experience in estimating and tendering we utilise our expertise and thorough understanding of construction costs to assist you. As cost consultants, our goal is to be accurate, knowledgeable and reliable, with a history of success in securing tenders for various construction businesses. Many contractors on the job site experience a shortage of time to respond to weekly request for tenders and thoroughly prepare a detailed tender estimate, missing potential jobs and potential clients. We can manage the tendering process with the aim of winning projects, giving you time to manage the construction side of the business.

For almost the last decade, Accent Estimating has been dedicated to providing estimating support to builders and contractors in the property, development and building sectors. The biggest priority for our construction estimating consultants is to secure your next successful tender. Whether it’s because you lack the time to estimate yourself while on the tools, or unsure if you are tendering at a loss, we can help with computer driven quantities and current market rates of construction.

Risk Manage Your Tenders With Reliable Estimations

Every construction project requires an estimation that budgets for labour and materials. On one hand, without budgeting correctly, losing a job to a competitor. On the other more undesirable hand, running your project at a loss, causing stress on client relations and setting you back financially.

Avoid these outcomes with Accent Estimating. Our skillset in commercial and residential construction estimating services is positioned to award you projects that run at a profit. The building cost consultants on our team can assist you with:

  • Estimating accurate labour and material measurements for your project including a bill of quantities (BOQ)
  • Research and source up to date market costs including schedule of rates (SOR) that will give you the same resources as tier 2 and 1 builders with a full time in house estimator
  • Undertaking Section 94 estimates, progress claims / variation assessments, schedules of rates, bills of quantities, and more.