By: Adam Ioannidis

Our construction cost consultants are still operating through the current pandemic and can still deliver quality estimating and cost consulting solutions remotely. One of the advantages of this is that we can conduct our business with clients from all around Australia – regardless of what state you reside in. Not sure how we’re able to do that? Well, let this blog be your guide.

Entirely online

The beauty of this profession is that we rarely actually need to see the property to evaluate it. We can deliver the same level of service to you by being provided with all the relevant documentation as well as referencing resources such as Cordell Connect and Rawlinsons publications to gather information about the area. Our access to professional and premium tools gives our construction cost consultants an edge that allows us to operate to full capacity and give you accurate construction estimates. There is no need for physical contact or in-person meetings to occur. All of our services and solutions can be delivered entirely online.

Working across states

Our cost consultants can access information about areas you’re looking to build in regardless of where they are in the country. From this, we can look at the surrounding area, trends and similar projects. All of this information can help us to ascertain a better understanding – letting us deliver the best possible quality service to you. The more documentation you can send the better. This will help us make more accurate cost estimations. Choosing a cost estimation agency that’s interstate gives you the same experience as one within your own state – so you may as well choose an agency with a proven track record and a high level of professionalism. No matter what state you’re in, Accent Estimating can deliver that succinct and proficient estimating service to you.

Modern technology

3D rendering technology allows us to infinitely imagine how your project will look – meaning you can choose the exact elements that you want to add or change without needing to meet in person. We will send you the renders and you can provide the feedback – allowing us to make the appropriate changes to suit your specifications. Through secure and easy-to-use videoconferencing technology we can communicate with you in real-time and chat about your project – sharing data and documents where necessary. During these progress meetings with you, we can also share screens to discuss and update any renders or documents – making the whole process exponentially more efficient.

Rawlinsons Publishing

At Accent Estimating, our construction cost consultants like to take advantage of every resource at our disposal. This includes looking to Rawlinsons publications and utilising their expertly crafted and widely used Australian Construction Handbook and Construction Cost Guide. With new editions published annually – these handbooks contain invaluable information that helps our consultants conduct their work remotely. Rawlinsons has been in business for 66 years as quantity surveyors and cost estimators themselves and has been publishing these guides since 1983. Since then, their knowledge has served as a useful tool for all in the construction trade.

Cordell Connect

Cordell Connect is software that our consultants use as a research tool. This powerful program is a database that houses comprehensive research and statistics for all types of construction projects and infrastructure in both Australian and New Zealand. Our consultants can access this information anywhere they are and look at information applying to any block of land within Australia. This is a big help when it comes to interstate clients as it can really allow us to get a feel of similar projects in the area – improving our knowledge exponentially.

We’re here to help

Your location doesn’t matter to our cost consultants – we view all of our clients equally and can deliver the same level of cost estimation services to you regardless of where you are. Whether you’re performing an extension/renovationfitout or just constructing something from scratch – our consultants can help accurately and efficiently estimate all the relevant costs so you can get the best value out of your project. We’ll even handle some of the more tedious paperwork such as progress claims and bank finance reports.

If you’re looking to get in touch with our cost construction consultants – regardless of which state you’re from – then please contact us by filling out the enquiry form on our website or calling 0413 953 869.