A new property development is a delicate undertaking – and sometimes, what we want and what is possible are two different things.

Before any plans are drawn up or any money moved around, a feasibility study is recommended to ensure your project is, well, feasible. The last thing you want is to get halfway through construction and realise you can’t afford a certain aspect or that some elements just aren’t physically accomplishable. A feasibility study will meticulously detail every aspect of your planned project to guarantee that every facet is indeed achievable.

Comprehensive reports

Our estimating consultants have experience drafting up thoroughly detailed feasibility studies that account for every component of the project. This can include components such as materials, labour, selling expenses, acquisition costs and potential profit to name a few.

We’ll also perform comprehensive market research to gather any necessary data that may help to prove the feasibility of the project. This report is essentially the true foundation for your project. If anything is found to be infeasible, then you may not have a project.

Industry veterans

The benefit of having an experienced estimator take care of your project’s feasibility study is that our practised minds know their way around every facet of such a study. Our invaluable knowledge of local laws and policies – regardless of your location – provides unique and practical angles when approaching feasibility studies. We’ll work with you to guarantee that every minute detail is included so you can get the best result from such a study.

Reasons for infeasibility

There are several reasons why your project may not be feasible – some of which may require simple recalculations and others that may indefinitely shut down your project. Some of the reasons may include:

• Budgetary issues;
• Unrealistic deadlines and scheduling issues;
• Unobtainable materials;
• Council regulations/policies;
• Legal requirements such as zoning laws; and
• Unsatisfactory return on investment.

Alternative solutions (maximising your ROI)

In the case of any elements being found to be infeasible, Accent Estimating offers remediation assistance to ensure the continuation of your project. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you’re going to receive an agreeable return on investment so if there’s a minor issue standing in the way of that then we’ll work to rectify that and turn it in your favour.

Remediation does depend on the type of issue the project is facing and sometimes the very issue itself is the lack of ROI. In some cases, an extensive overhaul may be required to guarantee an acceptable ROI and our consultants can help you achieve such a revamp. Feasibility studies are great at revealing potential issues before any commitments are made and with the help of the professionals from Accent Estimating you can ensure a smoothly run project even before its inception.