Reviewing Construction Tenders: 5 Key Elements to Consider

As building cost consultants, we work with builders and contractors on a regular basis and, as a result, are privy to a wide range of construction...

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How we Estimate (a Breakdown of our Service)

Hiring a professional to assess your construction plans and estimate each element accordingly is an advantageous service that could end up saving...

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Stage Four Restrictions And The Construction Industry

As many of our Victorian clients will be aware – the state is now under stage four restrictions which have a larger impact on the construction...

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All About Smart Homes (And Their Potential)

More and more homes are being labelled “smart homes” nowadays as the technology becomes more accessible and integrated – but what is a smart...

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Fitting Out Your Accessory Building (Making The Ultimate Entertainment Space)

A cosy and creative accessory building is the perfect structure to complement any home regardless of size. The best part about an accessory buildin...

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6 Ways To Make Your Home Office More Efficient

With the masses of people working from home – leaving offices empty – it’s more important than ever to ensure that your home is set up effici...

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How We Can Help (Regardless Of Location)

Our construction cost consultants are still operating through the current pandemic and can still deliver quality estimating and cost...

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Business As Usual: A Message Regarding Covid-19

The current pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting millions of people across the world in various ways – especially when it comes to the...

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