By: Adam Ioannidis

As building cost consultants, we work with builders and contractors on a regular basis and, as a result, are privy to a wide range of construction tenders. Many believe the key to a successful tender request is the cheapest one – but there are other elements to convince potential clients to accept a tender request – the builder is required to demonstrate why they are better suited for the job over others. This is why we will review five key elements to craft a premium and professional tender request.

1.     Analyse the tender specifications

When reviewing a tender request, the builder must scrutinise over every detail to ensure they have a complete understanding of the specifications and what is required in the project. Failure to do so can show carelessness and a lack of professionalism – causing distrust to brew within the client. For example, if the tender explicitly specifies marble countertops, but the builder has allowed for Caesarstone, it shows a lack of understanding of the tender.

In this situation, the builder would either not win the tender, or, win it and have to explain the mistake and why they’re charging an extra $10k that wasn’t in the tender. If the builder can actively demonstrate attention to detail, the builder will be impressing the client and enjoy a good start to the business relationship.

2.     Consider any cost-saving options

Reviewing areas that can potentially save the client money will be a huge advantage. If the client has specified standing seam cladding for instance – suggest Fielders cladding which will give a similar aesthetic but is cost-effective. Similarly, this may apply to solid timber vs laminate flooring or laminate joinery compared with polyurethane/timber veneer joinery.

Builders have extensive experience on-site and with materials, therefore it is wise to provide cost-effective alternatives that will achieve the same result. In addition to alternatives, there may be unnecessary elements. The client will appreciate cost savings by way of thinking laterally with their best interest in mind.

3.     Ensure your labour costs are competitive

Material costs generally may not fluctuate too much from builder to builder, however, our building cost consultants recommend being strategic when it comes to labour costs. Depending on how efficient the builder’s workers are, there could be an opportunity to cut costs if they’re confident in completing the task faster with the same quality. It’s important for the builder to understand the limits, strengths and weaknesses of their workforce, this will allow them to efficiently optimise their structure to achieve the optimal result.

4.     Review your marketing documents

There is a growing presence of builders adopting savvy marketing techniques to convince a discerning homeowner with their $2,000,000 build. With social media connecting a growing number of builders and clients, it is easier than ever to promote a builder’s brand, showcase a portfolio and even build relationships with trusted sources – all of which contribute to brand awareness and establish a strong digital footprint. Ensuring the social media channels and online portfolios are stylised to reflect a builder’s brand and quality of work.

Similarly, a builder’s tender submission document may be stylised to reflect their core brand, quality and philosophy. Often overlooked elements such as tender letterheads and email signatures assist with winning the tender submission. Ensuring a builder’s client-facing digital elements are uniform and accurately reflect their brand will help secure tenders.

5.     Engage a good estimator

The final element to a successful tender is an accurate cost estimation – which doesn’t always mean the cheapest. Realistic pricing and accurate quantities are crucial to demonstrate a complete understanding of the design, methodology and complexity of the project to the client.

Hiring experienced and trained building cost consultants at Accent Estimating will assist with achieving an accurate cost estimation. We read the architects plans and specifications in detail to ensure every item is measured, priced and submitted within the client’s deadline.

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Accent Estimating are highly experienced estimators with project knowledge from renovations, new builds, commercial, industrial and fitout projects. It is important to accurately estimate the construction project in all industries to ensure no critical items are missed or priced incorrectly. Clients come from all locations across Australia – which gives us exposure to various different types of projects with different labour rates.

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