By: Adam Ioannidis

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a lot of changes in the way we work. So many people have shifted to a remote working environment which has been easier for some and has presented a challenge for others. If the recent global shift has shown us anything, it is that working remotely is a viable option for a lot of businesses. With that in mind, contractors and builders may be receiving requests for custom home office spaces in the coming months and, engaging a trained construction cost consultant will help with ascertaining accurate cost estimations.

Finding the space

The level of construction involved will vary depending on the client. If they already have a study or a space that they are looking to transform into a home office, then there will not need to be much heavy lifting so-to-speak. This will not always be the case, however. Some instances will require entirely new rooms to be built. For scenarios such as these, the client may have something very specific in mind that they might have designed with an architect. 

Another possibility is that the client will want to downsize a certain room – erecting a wall in it to make (for example) their living room smaller and install their home office in the new partition. Some other aspects to consider for a home office space include:

  • Natural lighting – Will there be a window in the room? Where can it be positioned to minimise screen glare? Is a skylight a more viable alternative? Natural lighting is essential to productivity.

  • Materials – The client may want a completely different feel in their home office compared to the rest of their home so adding plywood onto the walls or something similar with a warmer tone may be a way to do this. Whilst pricier – a more luxurious material like marble may be preferred by the client for a grand and ostentatious aesthetic. Our construction cost consultant can estimate the price of these materials for your tender.

  • More than just an office – These days it is not uncommon for many people to combine physical exercise with work as it can heighten concentration. A home gym may be considered for the same room as the home office – combining the two to streamline productivity across both business and personal wellness.

The desk and storage space

There are several possible avenues when it comes to selecting a desk for a home office space. The client may engage you about building a custom joinery desk which will bring with it that premium integrated feel – but will not be able to be relocated should the client choose to move in the future.

There is still a range of non-bespoke luxury desks that can be purchased off the shelf. Brands like Herman Miller offer functional yet stylish products in varying shapes and for different sized spaces. They may engage you to construct some custom shelving if they prefer a more manageable desk. If the brand or luxurious air is not as important to them, then a humbler option from somewhere like Officeworks is also a viable and easy option.

Something to keep in mind and ask the client is what sort of hardware they will be using whilst they work. Are they using a laptop with external monitors or a desktop computer? Are the monitors freestanding or is the client considering wall mounts. Wall mounts are smart and save space on the desk but the desk itself will need to be close to a wall in such an instance.

Finding the right office chair

Similarly to the desks, the client can invest a fair amount into a chair if they are looking for something quite lavish, or, simply opt for a basic office chair. Eames lounge chairs have an incredibly premium charm to them and would suit both modern and traditionally designed spaces. If the client has chosen to create a home gym in the same space, then perhaps they would like to try an exercise ball – an option that some modern offices have adapted in recent years.

Are you looking for a construction cost consultant?

If you are a builder or contractor working on a home office space, then you might want to consider hiring a construction cost consultant to guarantee an accurate and comprehensive estimation of all the involved costs. Accent Estimating has been assisting builders and contractors for the last decade to secure tenders with access to the latest software and resources. We can estimate costs for jobs anywhere in Australia.

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