By: Adam Ioannidis

The current pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting millions of people across the world in various ways – especially when it comes to the working world. Wherever possible, businesses have been forced to work remotely – but it’s not possible for every industry. Our building cost consultants thought they’d issue a message on the current situation of the construction world and how Accent Estimating fit into it. We assure you, we’re still open for business.

Is construction still happening?

Yes, construction services and projects across the country are still continuing. Construction projects continue to thrive because once started, the schedule is very tight and cannot just be abandoned halfway through. There are certain materials and elements such as exposed wiring that may deteriorate or be damaged if just left unattended. If a project is to be completed, then it is to be done within the original schedule (or close to it) otherwise the entire project risks further delays and complications once any potential lockdown has ended.

Stage two lockdown exemption

Construction sites are exempt from the second stage lockdown that was implemented by the Australian government earlier this week. Many projects are still in development and the MBAV (Master Builders Victoria) have issued strict guidelines that must be followed by all construction staff in an attempt to mitigate the spread – whilst also adhering to the 1.5m social distancing rule. Things like social distancing, stringent hygiene practices and workers separating for their lunch breaks are all being implemented and closely monitored to ensure that construction projects can still continue to operate in these conditions. 

“Construction is a massive component of the NSW economy employing hundreds of thousands of workers, trades, architects, planners, engineers, transport workers and traffic controllers, as well as all the associated staff. The industry is well practised and well placed to identify health and safety risks and take steps to mitigate or eliminate those risks. The building and construction industry will be a critical player in driving the economy through this crisis.”

 Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest

Hope on the Gold Coast

Queensland’s Transport Minister, Mark Bailey, is hopeful that due to the future M1 upgrades, there will be hundreds of construction jobs available in the coming months as upgrades that will be applied are extensive and vital. This upgrade comes after an M1 upgrade between Varsity Lakes to Mudgeeraba that will be completed shortly. The new construction upgrade will concern the stretch between Varsity Lakes and Tugun and is said to take five times longer than the current upgrade to complete. Bailey has stated that the construction industry is “low risk” in terms of spreading Covid-19 and the proper health regulations and procedures will be enforced to further mitigate any spread.

How is Accent Estimating affected?

Our building cost consultants are still able to deliver swift and comprehensive estimating solutions for your building project. The current pandemic has not drastically affected the way we conduct business and personal health and hygiene is still our top priority here at Accent Estimating. The construction industry is still moving along and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon with current and future construction projects still being planned and adhered too. Our building cost consultants are ready to provide their services whether you’re looking to renovate your commercial office building or build a brand-new residential home from scratch.

Our consultants will liaise with you whilst practising extreme caution. 80 – 90% of our business is conducted online or over the phone. A physical site inspection would be the only time face-to-face interaction is required. The health and safety of our clients and consultants are our number one priority and all measures will be taken to mitigate contact where possible whilst still delivering high-end consulting services.

Are you looking for building cost consultants?

Whether you’re a contractor or owner-builder, you’re going to need the services and expertise of a trained estimating consultant when tackling a construction project. Our consultants can help you with a myriad of services such as extension and renovating costingfitout costings, progress claims, bills of quantities and bank finance reports. With years of experience and relevant qualifications under our belt, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

If you’d like to get in touch with one of our building cost consultants, then please fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call on 0413 953 869.