By: Adam Ioannidis

With the masses of people working from home – leaving offices empty – it’s more important than ever to ensure that your home is set up efficiently. Our construction cost consultants know that it’s easy to be distracted at home and hard to find that right working space, which is why for today’s blog, we’re going to be offering six tips to help make your home office more efficient.

1.     Don’t work in front of the TV

What we mean by that, is don’t watch television whilst you work. If you find that the best and most efficient place for you to work is on the couch in front of the TV, then you should do that – but try not to be tempted by turning it on. You might find that playing music through it with a collage of natural landscapes (similar to the Apple TV drone footage screensavers) will work best for you, for example. If you find that you’re too tempted to watch a movie or show – then it might be best to find another place to work.

2.     Work with natural light

Whilst we’ve experienced some gloomy days lately – we’ve also had some pretty sun-filled ones and that sort of light is always great for productivity and good vibes. If you have no furniture near a window that’s receiving sun – then try to set up a makeshift desk to take advantage of it and make sure you angle yourself so your laptop screen doesn’t catch too much glare. Even if there isn’t a whole lot of sun shining outside it’s still more beneficial to work with the natural light or near a window compared to artificial light. The natural landscape outside also just offers a nice break from when you need to look up from your computer screen.

3.     Take advantage of your yard

If you have a backyard or a balcony (or even a front yard if you’re comfortable enough) and the weather is good – then work in it. The nice breeze or warm sun will do wonders for your body (especially if you’ve already been couped up for a while). The fresh air will also clear your head and increase productivity exponentially. If you need help purchasing some outdoor furniture, then our construction cost consultants can help you find the best match for your home. That way, you can work comfortably outdoors.

4.     Emulate your office setup

If you’re feeling a bit office-sick and are one of those people who really love the way their desk was setup – then maybe you should consider looking into furnishings that are similar to your office. If you have the space for it then this could be a great solution. You can place plants around it, get a stationery holder – really make it feel like your actual desk – but moulded into one you can work from at home.

5.     Schedule breaks

It’s important to take small breaks every now and then to stretch your legs, grab a drink or snack and give your mind a break from the screen. You’ll be a lot more productive if your head’s in the right frame of mind. This will also encourage you to stay away from your phone whilst you work as it can be easy to be distracted by social media and other apps. We also recommend turning off most of your notifications and only leaving the bare essentials to minimise distractions.

6.     Engage with your workmates

It can be hard working in these isolated conditions – which means it’s imperative that you keep chatting and engaging with your workmates. They’re all in the same boat as you so starting conversations or suggesting fun activities to do every now and then can help keep team morale up.

Are you looking for construction cost consultants?

Making your home feel like a comfortable and efficient workspace can be a tricky task and sometimes you need to order some extra things to make it work for you – that’s where Accent Estimating comes into it. We can help you fit out your home to act more like a hybrid office to make sure you’re comfortable enough to continue your work in a professional yet comfortable manner. Our construction cost consultants are still carrying out business as usual during the quarantine and can offer all of our services unobtrusively and without contact regardless of where you’re located in Australia.

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