By: Adam Ioannidis

Tackling a construction project – no matter the size – is a large-scale undertaking. There are a lot of components that work independently and then merge in the end. It’s not just the labour that goes into it though, it’s the planning, the meetings, the drafts and the cost estimating. A building estimating service is a valuable tool, but not just anyone can do it. Today we’ll be explaining to you just why that is, and why builders need estimators for their construction projects.

It’s a dedicated role

A building estimating service makes key components in construction projects run smoother and more efficiently. An estimator has copious amounts of hands-on experience and understands the workflow of construction projects. This allows them to make highly-educated estimations and – if required – micro-adjustments as parameters and circumstances change. Like most things, someone who is in a dedicated role will generally be more effective and efficient than someone who is handling multiple roles. This is one reason why builders require estimators. Estimators have gone through specialised training and have been dealing with this particular type of work – whereas for your average builder, estimating may just be a background task that they’ve had to do a handful of times.

Tasks such as drafting up Bill of Quantities lists, feasibility studies, tax depreciation schedules and monthly cash-flow forecasts are all relevant and key when accurately providing a building estimating service. They’re also things that may not be completed up-to-scratch or correctly if a builder is trying to do them as well as handle their contract workers and the other demands that come with their profession.

Alleviates stress and frees-up time

A builder will have a lot on their plate trying to manage multiple facets of a project. The last thing they’ll want to do is add another job to the pile by attempting to estimate. This will take up more of their time and possibly cause them unnecessary stress. On top of that, if they make a mistake it could end up costing you dearly. This is a fantastic reason to look at a building estimating service. It’s a safer bet to hire an estimator who knows what they’re doing than to risk doing it yourself and making a mistake. This also allows a builder to divert their time to other matters that require their attention – allowing the estimator to simultaneously work autonomously. This improves the efficiency of the project as a whole.

Unique perspective

The experience and knowledge gathered by an estimator over their career can be quite unique. They will be able to offer solutions to you that may not have previously occurred. This is because their trade enables them to know the ins and outs of the industry as they’re constantly finding the most effective way to achieve the desired goal. It’s not just about making the budget the cheapest it can be, but also the best and efficient. This is where an estimator would utilise their knowledge to find the best quality materials and efficient strategies/processes moving forward.

Working in unison and negotiating

Whilst a good estimator will be able to work on their own, there are times where they will have to work in conjunction with the builder. If a more effectual course of action or process has been found by the estimator, then it will be suggested to the builder to streamline the project. If there is a cheaper, yet efficient way to go, then it is the responsibility of the estimator to negotiate with the builder and bring that overall price down. Often builders will just go with a personally preferred product or something they trust without shopping around first. In some cases, this can be fine – but, by limiting their scope they can sometimes miss more effectual products or means of achieving something. That’s where an estimator doesn’t fail.

Do you require a building estimating service?

If you have an upcoming renovation or construction project, then you’ll need an accurate and experienced building estimator to help with the development’s cost. Accent Estimating has years of hands-on industry experience in employing cost estimating services and will be able to work with and for you to realise your project and help it come to fruition.

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