By: Adam Ioannidis

Whenever a construction project has been completed – it must then be fitted out. Fitouts are essentially the process of dressing up the interior of a commercial space. You might be asking yourself – “why would I need an estimator in Melbourne to help me dress up an interior space? Well, many commercial buildings require a lot of furnishing to occupy them – especially large office and multi-purpose buildings. Since the furnishing will be purchased in large volumes, an estimator is required to ensure that the best price is found, and all the logistics are handled efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at fitouts.

What are fitouts?

Fitouts come after the final phase of construction. It’s when the owner of the building – or in a multi-storey office complex, the business owner on each floor – will sit down with an interior designer and ensure that the space is appropriately fitted out. Fitouts are important as they make the space liveable and able to be occupied by people. There are three types of fitouts.

Types of fitouts

  • Shell and Core – This is the initial type of fitout and covers the fundamentals of the space such as cladding, external works and structural features. Basically, a lot of the background – yet important – parts of the building.
  • Category A – The next fitout phase which generally includes, blinds, flooring, surface finishing’s, ceilings as well as electrical and mechanical components.
  • Category B – This is the final and more exciting phase of a fitout. Category B is where you can really give the space your own personal touch. It includes the branding, meeting rooms, offices, furnishings, installation of any specific lighting or specialised A/V equipment and the installation of kitchen appliances and any specific rooms/appliances/features you’d want to have in your office.

Some of the things you may want in your office may have to be installed or planned for during the shell and core or category A phases of the fitout depending on what they are – so it’s always important to know what you want in advance so you can plan accordingly.

How to plan for them

Several elements must be considered when looking at furnishings for a commercial space. Because you’ll want your space to be navigable and workable, the following elements should be considered:

  • Layout – This is important as it’ll be the initial plan of where everything will be positioned. Make sure this is established first before considering the next elements.
  • Office and staff requirements – This includes the amount of desks and the size of them – as well as what sort of hardware will be occupying them. Depending on your business, you may need several monitors for each of your workers – or they may just be bringing in their own laptops. You’ll also need to consider the kitchen and if there will be any rec areas where staff can relax.
  • Sustainability – Will you be going green? LED lighting, solar panels, energy-efficient heating/cooling and making use of natural light are all great ways to make a more sustainable impact during the office’s tenure. Keeping space for plants is also a great way to improve the atmosphere of the office and promote a healthier working environment.
  • Colour – The colour is actually quite an important part of an office building as it really sets the tone for the whole office. The right colour can also increase productivity, believe it or not.

Why use an estimator for them?

Because the furnishings and interior decoration will be done in such high volumes – it’s best to sit down with an experienced estimator in Melbourne who can go through everything you’re looking at getting. They’ll review the contents and ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. A good estimator will also be able to help you with the planning stage of a fitout. Another reason you should consider a professional estimator is to ensure that all the architectural costs are in order and that there are no hidden surprises throughout the process. You really want everything to go smoothly and to be transparent.

Need an Estimator in Melbourne for your fitout?

Accent Estimating offer premium, boutique estimating services. Our experienced and professional experts can help you estimate your business’s fitout. With over six years of specialised experience, we can ensure your fitout is completed efficiently and in your favour.

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