Don’t go into your next residential job blind –
use an experienced estimator.

Residential projects can vary from overly lavish and complex projects to simple, straightforward ones. No matter the breadth of the project, though, as a builder, you’re going to want to make sure your client’s dream home, renovation or extension is achievable and the best way to do that is through an accurate and complete estimation of the plans using one of the esteemed professionals at Accent Estimating.

The perfect starting point

It can be a hassle as a builder to spend time browsing around for the best deals and materials to use based on nothing but the plans, especially when you have a myriad of other tasks to manage in the interim. That’s why our accurate and detailed cost estimations are the ideal starting point when it comes to constructing a new home or renovating/extending an existing one.

They’ll give you the best idea as to how much everything should cost so when organising your materials and subcontractors you have a much more concrete base to draw from. Our estimations seek to reveal the unknown variables so you can really take full advantage of all available services whilst minimising costs. Additionally, we also provide both soft and hard contingencies should your project face any unforeseen circumstances.

Years of experience and an extensive database to draw from

Our estimators are seasoned with years of experience concerning a wide range of residential projects that have given them a unique and unparalleled insight into the estimating world. Additionally, they’re equipped with an extensive database of tools and software that can help them make meticulously calculated estimates for projects all over Australia. You’ll be guaranteed swift and accurate estimations before you know it.

Cost variables

There are a number of variables that should be considered when estimating the costs of a residential construction project, such as:

  • Project size and complexity;
  • Types of materials, fixtures and fittings;
  • Type of terrain;
  • Size of the building company/profit margins;
  • Construction overruns – contingency planning;
  • Site access, parking spots for machinery, excavators etc;
  • Removal of rubbish and builders waste;
  • Planning delays;
  • Weather delays; and
  • Seasonal factors such as public holidays and busy periods.

Operational from anywhere in Australia

Our tight-knit processes, refined methodology and extensive tools allow us to take on jobs from all over Australia without even having to see the land or space in person. With databases and resources such as Cordell Connect and Rawlinsons Publishing we’re able to administer our fine estimating services based on the plans you provide us. This gives us a rich starting block to start our estimations from.