By: Adam Ioannidis

Regardless of the size of your backyard – there are always ways to spruce it up or add more to it. This could be to add value to your home or just because you’d like a change. Several things could be looked at, but for today’s blog, our building cost consultants in Sydney are just going to be concentrating on five specific ways – so let’s jump right into it.

1.    Build a deck

As Sydney-based building cost consultants, we see a lot of people enquiring about decks for their backyard – especially if they’re looking at extensions. These are fantastic features to add as they can be enjoyed all year round. Just ensure they’re sufficiently covered from rain and add some outdoor heaters (or a fireplace) and you’ll all be set for the colder seasons as well as the warmer. If you really want to be adventurous, then instead of extending your home’s roof to cover the deck – you could instead install large panes of double-glazed glass so the entire ceiling essentially becomes a giant skylight – that way the sun can shine in and the rain can be seen falling, offering a relaxing experience. Depending on how much you’d like to invest, you can even turn it into an outdoor living area with a kitchen and furnishings.

2.    Elevate your garden

When we say elevate, we mean that in both the figurative and literal terms. If gardening is something, you’re into then there is an almost endless list of designs and techniques you can implement to make it more presentable and better suited to your backyard. Try looking at different bordering styles with stone and concrete or creative ways to structure your garden instead of a little bed against the back fence. Try winding shapes or, depending on how much room you want to give it, try modelling your entire backyard around the garden.

Now, literally speaking, you can also elevate your garden, so it sits higher than the rest of your backyard. This could be simply raising the garden bed or adding some more layers with hanging and climbing plants. Our Sydney-based building cost consultants believe the possibilities truly are endless.

3.    Construct an accessory building

If you have space, consider an accessory building such as a pergola or a relaxation room. Accessory buildings are small structures that sit separately to your house. These can be open like pergola’s, which sometimes don’t even have solid roofs, or they can be enclosed like more traditional buildings. More traditional accessory buildings can house pool tables, furnishings, a bar and other entertainment features/equipment. They also offer great areas for parties and little gatherings if you’d prefer not to host them in your home. The accessory building can also be a guesthouse if you have friends or family staying over regularly.

4.    Add a swimming pool

This is an option that might not be suited to all backyards – but our building cost consultants in Sydney believe it can increase a home’s value greatly as well as make your home a hot-spot amongst friends in the summer. The only downside to a swimming pool is that you probably won’t get much use out of it for the rest of the year – so this isn’t recommended if you have a small backyard as you won’t have much space left to do anything else.

5.    Creating paths

Creating winding concrete paths with complementing shrubbery and bushes on the side is great for larger backyards – especially if it only makes part of it. This acts as a little hidden space in a way with all the bushes hiding the paths. At the centre of it, you can place small furnishings where you can relax with a refreshing drink and a book when the weather’s just right. Another idea for paths is leading from your house to your garage or accessory building. You can construct something to act as a shelter above the path as well – making it easier to travel between the buildings when it’s raining. Decorate the borders of the pathway with charming flowers.

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