By: Adam Ioannidis

A cosy and creative accessory building is the perfect structure to complement any home regardless of size. The best part about an accessory building is that it’s the perfect space to go all out when it comes to decorations and fitting it out. And, there’s no better way to do it than to utilise our estimating service in Melbourne – that way you can get the best bang for your buck as well as the latest industry insights and advice. So, what are some elements that go into making the ultimate entertainment space? Read on and find out.

The initial layout

The layout is going to have a big impact on the rest of the building – it’s unwise to just build the space and then populate it after the fact. It’ll be much more beneficial – and you’ll really get a lot more out of it – to build the room for what you want to do. For example – if you’re going to put in a television, what size is it going to be? Or is a project perhaps a better option? Will there be glare from any windows that’ll disturb the picture?

Then you have to consider seating and if you’re going to add in any gaming tables like billiards or foosball – or a bar? Another aspect to consider is whether your building will be single or multi-story. Multi-story entertainment buildings can be quite advantageous for smaller spaces as they can virtually fit the same amount as a single-story would – just in a narrower, vertical manner.


Power points are a crucial aspect to consider as you don’t want to be running several extension cables along walls – so be sure to have enough installed where you’re looking to put most of your appliances. For example, where you’re going to have your television, you’re probably going to have some extra hardware like a Blu-Ray player, Apple TV/Android box, amplifier and some gaming systems – so be sure to account for all of those.

If you’re looking to install a surround sound system, then our estimating service can help ensure you get the best quality and economical solution. There are specialised electrical services that will run your audio cables through your wall so you can easily connect your surround channels to your amplifier without a mass of cables creating a mess. 

If you’re looking to inject some smart features into the mix – such as lighting or even blinds, then you’ll have to account for that as well. For starters, you’ll need a solid wi-fi connection for all smart products to work.

Once you’ve considered all of these elements, you’ll need to house some of them – as well as purchase other types of joineries such as cabinets for your hardware and general storage units. If you’re going to have multiple rooms in the building, then will they have doors or simply have open archways to enter through – so-to-speak.


Depending on what you’re going to be doing more of there are different types of options you can choose when it comes to flooring. If you’re going to be using your space more for movies, then a carpeted room is preferable as it will reduce reverberation and give you a better sound. Otherwise, tiles are generally a lot more durable and come in a variety of different colours compared to timber and would be much better suited for the bar area where spillages may occur. Timber is a lot easier to lay down and can give off a classic vibe – it’s also a lot easier to lay down.


There are a few different types of accessory buildings, but the two basic types are defined by whether or not they’re physically connected to your house or not. If your accessory building stands as a separate structure, then you have a lot of potential for decorating the outside – whether it be adding a small deck or veranda, or even several plants. 

A brilliant idea that our experts would recommend is creating a path from your home to the accessory building – which can be covered or uncovered and feature lights either suspended or as the border with other flowers or greenery bordering as well – you can really get quite creative with it. Whilst uncovered paths do have a great open vibe to them, going with a solid cover can be beneficial for when it rains.

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