By: Adam Ioannidis

Design trends are constantly fluctuating as time moves on. Ideas that once seemed like the pinnacle of aesthetics are now forgotten and buried away. There are always constants though over large periods – timeless designs and ideas that will always work and stay present. Now that we’ve entered into a new decade, we thought we’d write a blog on something other than our construction estimating services. Today, we’ll be exploring six design trends that we predict will appear within the commercial design world.

1.    Homely atmosphere

In the last few years, employers are starting to apply less and less traditional work methods and are instead opting for modern methods and attitudes. This includes flexible office hours – it doesn’t matter where you get the work done, as long as you get it done. That sort of mentality is really taking off across several industries. Well, we believe that some businesses will be going a step further this year and designing their offices to imitate a homely atmosphere and vibe. By doing this, the office will automatically become more of a casual space – but also a more comfortable one. The aim is to increase productivity and comfort whilst also reducing stress by dressing up the environment to be one that employees would feel more comfortable in.

2.    Minimalism

This is not a new trend by any stretch of the imagination and it certainly isn’t a trend that’s going anywhere anytime soon. Minimalism is fantastic because it eases people. Sometimes when things are too cluttered it can give off negative vibes. Whereas, with minimalism, the simple designs look and feel aesthetically pleasing and calming and leave the employee confident. The key to minimalism is maintaining that simple aesthetic and not getting carried away with trying to fill empty spaces.

3.    Internal branding

It’s all good and well to brand a business and let the outside world know who you are and what you stand for – but what about internally? Physical branding on your office’s interior walls can be great for team morale and spirit and help staff to remember what the company’s goals are. If you’re interested in internal branding, then you should also look into construction estimating services to ensure you budget correctly. Internal branding also looks excellent when clients and guests visit the office.

4.    Sustainability

Sustainability is the way of the future. Everyone is constantly making small changes in their lives to be more environmentally aware and conscious – and the office is the best place to start. Whilst it’s common practice for employers and employees to dress up the office with plants – which produce oxygen and improve the overall atmosphere of the space – there are still more measures that can be taken. For 2020, we don’t think it’ll be uncommon to see commercial offices be designed and built with gardens and greenery included in the initial plans. This means more elaborate and lavish indoor gardens. This will look pretty incredible and add a fantastic layer and aesthetic to any office building.

Something similar has already been done in Melbourne’s CBD where a bar named Bourke Street Green has implemented a heavy amount of greenery around their space – as well as large open ceiling windows. The logistics of a design like this can become quite tricky so it’s handy to enquire about our construction estimating services to ensure it’s a feasible and economic path to follow. Our specialists will be able to help you realise your goal in a cost-effectively and practically.

5.    Colour schemes

The days of a white office are long gone. A lot more businesses nowadays are moving towards colour schemes. This could mean a scheme that represents your branding or maybe just a nice pastel combination. A monochromatic scheme has seen popularity in recent years – especially for cafes and bars and there’s no reason why it would be going anywhere in 2020.

6.    Insert marble

Marble is an incredibly classy and luxurious material and including it in your office – even if it’s in a small capacity – would look fantastic and stand out in the best possible way. It can be used for a variety of different applications such as benchtops, columns and even floors. For even more complexity you can look at various shades of marble as well.

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