By: Adam Ioannidis

With only a little over a month left in 2019, our Sydney estimating service team has decided to look back at some of the best home design tips and trends that we witnessed this year. From concrete interiors to mass-amounts of pot plants and greenery – the year has seen some pretty incredible interior designs. Today, we’ll be listing our top five favourite trends and explaining why they work.

1.    Monochromatic aesthetic

Everyone loves white walls. They’re classic and they go with virtually any other colour or style. Even exposed brick looks good when painted white. But the perfect complement for a white landscape is contrasting black hardware. That means door handles, kitchen appliances, taps, faucets and other similar items. This ultimate disparity makes your interior look almost unrealistic as they’re such bold tones that make each other pop equally. For your kitchen and living room floor you can purchase alternating black and white square tiles to keep the theme going. Even cabinets and shelves can be either white or – more favourably – black. Just be sure to stock up on surface wipes as white does dirty easily.

2.    Velvet furniture

The last few years have seen reboots and nostalgia come back to everything in many forms including fashion and media, so, it’s only fitting that interior design should be affected by the same craze. Velvet couches and chairs are plush, soft and very comfortable. It’s no surprise that more and more people have furnished their properties with these. Because they’re available in a variety of different colours it means you can match them with virtually any décor. Darker colours like purple contrast beautifully with lighter backgrounds and also match more rustic features such as natural wood–finish tables. However, their versatility also allows them to blend seamlessly into a more modern living room as well – making it one of the hottest furnishing pieces of the year.

3.    Geometric patterns

If you’re not big on solid-coloured walls then we have some good news for you – geometric patterns are in! Bold colours and large patterns make for great wallpaper around your property. If you want to get even more creative, then you should check out bathroom wall tiles and the amazing patterns and designs that you can get out of them. Even just having a partial pattern on a single wall – similar to a feature wall – can make a huge difference. This is an attractive feature to have as well as something that will add a lot of value to your property if you ever consider selling.

4.    Minimalism

Whilst it has been popular for several years now, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. A minimalistic space looks clean and tidy. The whole point of minimalism is to not overdo anything – so that means very simple, yet elegantly designed furnishings in clear, solid colours. Pastel or monochromatic colours are usually quite popular as they help to establish an open concept. Decluttering your rooms also helps a minimalistic theme along nicely. It all contributes to the open concept and will make you feel like you have more space. Another element of minimalistic interior designs is copious amounts of natural light as well as simple wall finishing’s. Don’t get too carried away with complex patterns as our Sydney estimating service team tends to find that combining simple and complex themes don’t always match.

5.    Decorate with art

Whether it’s traditional or modern, riddling artwork throughout your home is becoming more and more common. Even your local café probably sells paintings and drawings that you can purchase to take home. If you can find something that matches the rest of your home’s style, then you’ve hit the jackpot. You can even try going for something a bit more adventurous if you have space like small sculptures or abstract objects. These fit in great on dressers and shelves in your living room and add value. They’re also fantastic conversation pieces.

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