By: Irena Kosturska

Estimating the costs and materials needed for commercial paint projects can be difficult. Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings differ widely from project to project, often with customisations to better suit the individualised construction needs. Thankfully, our leading estimating services in Melbourne are available to help ascertain an accurate painting budget for your commercial build.

Estimating the costs of commercial painting goes beyond simply determining the surface space that will require paint, both in the interiors and facade of the building. Quantity surveyors have to consider the total cost of the paint, the labour costs and the drying time. It is also important to consider when the painting will occur during the build process as drying paint can often put the project on hold. As leading quantity surveyors, here are three main aspects to consider when establishing a commercial project’s painting cost estimate.

1.     Determining the area to be painted

The first step to determining the quantity of paint needed for a commercial project involves accurately measuring the total area to be painted. This can be tricky for complex projects with many technical implications (such as the height of the ceiling or multiple half walls) and requires taking non-paintable areas into account such as doors and windows. However, determining the scope of the project will not only help to accurately establish the cost of materials, but it will be necessary to pass on to painting businesses to hire specialists. To ensure the area is accurately assessed, it is best to approach a trusted building cost consultant.  

2.     The type of paint needed and material costs

Once the surface area to be painted has been evaluated, it is time to consider the type and quantity of paint needed for the project. A simple way to establish which paint product to use is to consider the desired finish and the intended surface. For interior surfaces, this typically includes one single undercoat and two finishing coats of paint, but exterior surfaces will require more durable, high-quality paint products to lessen future paint maintenance requirements. Exterior painting will typically be more costly than the interior painting of a commercial building as the product itself needs to be weather resistant, withstand the sun, unaffected by graffiti and graffiti removing chemicals, and could also face issues such as impacts or abrasion.  

Once the number of coats, quantity and quality of paint has been considered, it is also important to factor in the cost of other materials such as caulk, painter’s tape, paint trays, paint rollers and drop sheets to protect surfaces from any damage or splatter. For taller commercial builds, the painting process may also require scaffolding or safety harnesses which will also incur additional costs.

3.     Comparing contractor quotes

A professional painter will usually charge at a rate of a certain surface area per hour for a project, however, not all quotes are equal. When a quantity surveyor is comparing the costs from different painting companies, they will also review the inclusions and exclusions such as preparation tasks like washing the walls, caulking and applying primer and clean up. For complex areas of a commercial project, the quotes should also be adjusted to include any repairs to walls, challenging steep roofs, power washing needs, complex trim details, and any additional safety tasks.

It can also be necessary to gather permits to provide access to any footpaths, roads, or public areas surrounding the property. While some painting companies will include the cost and time needed to acquire these permits, some may not. Expert quantity surveyors will also be able to determine the best time to conduct the painting process to avoid disruption to the schedule. Due to the complexity and unique needs of each commercial project, it is always best to have a trusted quantity surveyor review the bids and establish the new build and development costing.

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