Don’t head into your next commercial project blind – have a professional make the right estimates for you and enjoy the benefits.

Tackling a commercial construction project is no menial task and requires several simultaneous cogs moving at once – whether you’re building from the ground-up or developing an existing structure. The best way to get the ball rolling is to consult Accent Estimating and get your project organised so you don’t have any hidden or surprise costs reveal themselves at an inconvenient moment.

Why you should bother with cost estimation

Our number one goal is to ensure you maximise your return on investment – and the best way to do that is by having industry-experts like ourselves assess your development plan. We will scrutinise over every detail to ensure that you’re given an accurate estimation that will make it easier for you to draft up budgets and allocate funds. By utilising this crucial method, you will be avoiding losses and accounting for worst-case scenarios.

Rigid itemisation

When you enlist Accent Estimating you will receive a comprehensive rundown of cost estimates for every aspect of the project. This includes elements such as on-site facilities, labour, materials, machinery and permits/fees just to name a few. This easy to read itemisation is key in understanding the breadth of your project as well as ensuring you can keep track of every financial facet.

An experienced hand

You might think that cost estimation is an easy task and something that can be handled internally ­– but there are certain nuances and subtleties that can only be taken advantage of by a skilled and experienced estimator. With years of industry experience, qualifications and certifications under their belt, our estimators will ensure that you’re getting the most effective results cost-wise.

You can rest assured knowing that every variable has been considered (including both hard and soft contingency plans) to guarantee a smooth project. We’ve worked with hundreds of builders, architects, contractors and developers from all over the country and pride ourselves on breaking down the larger picture into the details that really matter.

The latest technology

Accent Estimating use nothing but the latest, best and most efficient software (such as Microsoft Projects) and methods to deliver our premium cost-consultancy services to you. Combined with our knowledge and experience, this assures quality and accurate cost estimations that will act as the building blocks for your commercial development.



We understand that at the end of the day things don’t always go to plan. That’s why we always include soft and hard contingency plans in our estimates to minimise loss should any unforeseen events occur such as the need for more labour or extra materials. This surplus fund may not be used during the project – but you’ll feel a lot more comfortable knowing that if something does happen, then there are already steps in place to counteract it.