By: Irena Kosturska

After the exterior of the commercial build is constructed, it can be tempting to immediately begin leasing commercial space without considering the costs and time needed for the internal fitout. Whether it is a newly constructed or existing office space, looking into an estimating service in Melbourne is a great first step to refurbishing a commercial space. 

Each business’s office needs are unique. From the business branding to the intended use of the space, an office fitout needs to be professionally considered to be comfortable for employees and customers and accurately estimated to ensure no surprise costs. Many businesses fail to accurately account for fitouts in their budget, and here Accent Estimating have outlined several costly issues that can occur if not properly mitigated with a comprehensive estimate.

Avoid indecision and following short-term trends

Many times, it is not considered that the commercial layout is expected to adapt to the business’s changing needs and evolving work culture. Whether it is an office, retail or hospitality space, this means considering timeless build features like increasing natural lighting, improving airflow, taking advantage of open plan areas and accommodating innovative technology like purpose-built teleconference spaces, while also choosing those high-end finishes like textured cladding and kitchen tapware. Consider the layout and scalability of your commercial build and your long-term business plans when estimating fitouts.

Indecision, attempting to follow short-term trends and changing fixtures last minute can shorten delivery times and narrow options, leading to costly mistakes. The cost estimation for an office fitout project is dependent on the required materials and labour, so detailed changes and expeditated delivery can quickly exceed budgets and schedules. Detailed planning and thorough estimates are crucial to avoid common renovation mistakes. By finalising your interior design vision with an expert estimator and establishing a defined budget, you can avoid delays, dysfunctional layouts and blowing your budget with fitting changes that do not add to the function or comfort of your commercial space.

Consider building management and existing staff displacement

If you are renovating an existing building, remember that every building has a different layout for electrical wiring and structure. It is important to understand your commercial build’s layout and the building’s specifications and codes. Approach the building management with your interior plans and schedule to ensure you meet the building’s compliance and that your contractors have access to parking or storage. Failure to do so can result in costly setbacks, build access issues, irritated neighbours and shifting plans.

If this commercial fitout is being conducted by a business owner to revamp an existing build, it is also important to consider methods to lessen the disruption to staff. This could involve contractors operating outside of business hours, your employees working from home for a short period, or hiring a temporary space. It is dangerous for employees to work amongst construction noise or a cluttered environment while work is underway, so consider the costs needed to create a safe workspace for existing employees during the commercial renovation and include these requirements in the project’s budget. An accurate fitout costing and timeline with a professional estimating service in Melbourne will ensure minimal disruption to your employees and business.

Hire a professional estimating service

The primary costly mistake is not preparing an appropriate and accurate budget from the very beginning for the commercial fitout. Many fitouts, particularly if conducted by the building’s owner for multiple storeys, are largescale and complex. By sitting down with an experienced estimator like the team at Accent Estimating, you can ensure that all architectural costs are in order and that the outlined timeline is achievable. Our team’s trusted relationships with material suppliers and contractors will ensure that your project runs smoothly and within budget to achieve your fitout vision.

In need of estimating services for your commercial fitout?

As experts in estimating services in Melbourne, Accent Estimating is available to oversee the budgetary plans of all construction projects including commercial fitouts. Our experienced team can provide reliable support to builders and contractors for accurate cost estimates and progress claims, to help streamline your fitout project while the build is underway.

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