Owning a space is one thing – but fitting it out is another, and that’s where Accent Estimating comes in to ensure your fitout is as financially viable as possible.

A fitout aims to give your business – regardless of its type – the best possible environment for your employees to thrive in. There is no right or wrong way in which a space should look and, especially with modern designs following simple and clean aesthetics, a standard office could look anything but and instead look more like a piece of art if the overall design will boost productivity.

Knowing your space

One of the first thing’s you should do is understand your space. It’s important to know every inch of the space before moving forward with a fitout so you can really take full advantage of it. Your interior designer will help you establish what furnishings, appliances and general hardware you’ll be needing – whether it be an office, retail or hospitality space.

Why do I need an estimator?

Fitouts can be costly undertakings – but they’re essential. That’s where a trained and experienced estimator can help ensure you make the best decision by providing you with professional and accurate estimations. A solid estimator can help you choose the right features for a fitout that matches your budget so you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Something we’ve seen in the past is businesses failing to account for fitouts when first planning their budget. This can gravely affect your plans when it comes time for a fitout so it’s imperative that you consult a qualified estimator to ensure all your bases are covered and to mitigate any nasty surprises from cropping up down the track.

Elements that affect the cost

The size of the space you’re looking to fitout will play a massive part in the overall cost – with larger spaces generally costing more. Of course, even smaller spaces can cost you a pretty penny if the work being done is considered to be quite advanced or complex. For example, if you’re looking to fitout a café or restaurant then you’re going to need specialised equipment like beer or post-mix taps as well as cool rooms. Elements such as these will cost you more than a typical fitout.

Professional cost estimates

If you’re looking to fitout your commercial space then get in touch with Accent Estimating today for all your fitout costing estimates. With almost a decade’s worth of experience under our belts, our estimators strive to deliver high-quality service time and time again to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the end result.