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Private Client

Council Cost Report – $1,000,000+ (Section 94 Estimate)

Sandringham NSW
Project Cost



The client – an architectural firm – requested a council cost report. This report is required by councils to calculate development contributions for the project to cover essential services such as parks, roads, cycleways, parking and waste for additional usage. As the project was over $1,000,000, a report needed to be prepared by our registered Quantity Surveyors. The project itself was a new two-storey dwelling with suspended concrete slabs, stone external cladding, solid brick walls and an in-ground pool.

The architect had to present this report to the Council to prevent delays in the project. We delivered the council cost report in three days, much to the delight of the client.


After Accent Estimating prepared the report, Nikita Designs were able to move ahead with their project, ultimately fulfilling council requirements and preventing further delays in the approval process.