By: Moises Lopez

Every builder is different. That’s why it is important to ask a few questions before settling on your builder of choice. The question is – what questions do you need to ask?

On the hunt for a builder to construct your new castle in the sky or to remodel your existing? This can often seem like mission never ending. But here we have the simple questions that will get your construction underway a lot sooner.

Brought to you by our savvy team at Accent Estimating, here are some important questions to ask a builder before you lock anything in.

What is your building background?

It is always good to know who is working for you and their history in the building industry. Ask a few questions about what projects they have previously been involved in, their building likes/passions and what they usually work on. Find out whether there is a local project you could have a look at to check their workmanship and whether they have testimonials they can refer to you.

The internet is a valuable source of information and news articles. Run a Google search to check their history online too.

A builder is a big investment into your future and you need to be comfortable they will deliver what they promise.

Will I be allowed to access the site when I need?

If you need to stop by the construction site at any point, you need to make sure this is not going to be an issue for your builder. You might want to check in from time to time to track progress or to drop off some items that you have sourced yourself, such as tile samples. Will this be okay with your builder?

As much as it is exciting to visit your construction in progress, do remember that it is a job site and you will need to respect the wishes of your builder and any safety precautions he has in place.

What if something goes wrong in the building process?

Communication is vital for any successful construction project, especially the communication of expectations from client to builder. Ensure that your builder has ample contact information from you should they need to get in touch during the build.

Vice versa, determine what their preferred method of communication is and whether you can contact them on site if anything urgent comes up.

Be sure to establish exactly what your builder is insured for in the instance that anything goes wrong. Insurance information should be included in the details provided to you before build commences.

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