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If you’re currently overseeing a construction or renovation project, you’ll find that managing finances by yourself can become complicated – quickly. This is especially the case when you’re aiming to win tenders against other construction or trade companies, where pinpoint accuracy and quick response times are vital. That’s where construction estimating services come in. Estimators play an important role in every construction project. Today, we’re explaining the top reasons why estimators add value to construction plans, and where you can enquire about the best construction estimating services for your current or next project.

1. An estimator will help create a realistic budget

Estimators take everything into account – starting with the vision you have for your project. The right estimator will take the time to understand your ideal outcome, your priorities, and how you plan to tackle your construction project. From here, your estimator will be able to calculate what is feasible and realistically achievable within your budget. They’ll work closely with you to determine which elements of your project can be scaled down or even scaled up, giving you a clear understanding of how to approach the job.

2. You won’t have to monitor your finances

It’s difficult to manage your budget on your own for a few key reasons. Although you may be able to create an initial budget, for example, costs tend to fluctuate naturally and without close monitoring, a few cost changes can throw off your whole budget. On top of this, you will continuously need to keep track of costs incurred in order to ensure the project is on budget. Estimators take all the pressure out of these processes by closely monitoring all spending, keeping ongoing records, and even suggesting cost control measures along the way.

3. Estimations often influence schedules

An estimation will be among the first resources you’ll need in order to submit a tender to undertake. Without one, the rest of your schedule cannot commence, since budgets often influence (or even dictate) how the project will run. Therefore, it’s important that your estimation is as timely and accurate as possible. However, without estimating experience, creating estimations yourself can be strenuous. A professional estimator understands the required scope of an estimation, and takes the following basic factors into account:

  • The materials and labour needed to complete the project (including material prices, labour rates and hours);
  • Profits;
  • Unforeseen costs (or contingencies), as well as any variances;
  • Inflation costs;
  • Capital costs;
  • Bonds;
  • Operation and maintenance costs; and
  • Any indirect costs, such as transport, legal fees, and smaller equipment.

An estimator will be able to expertly calculate all these costs, while staying with your project from start to finish, ensuring everything meets the budget throughout the project.

4. Estimators are neutral parties 

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise at some stage in a construction project, like with any other extended process. Disputes can relate to something as simple as a slight delay in the schedule, or they can be more serious in matters of accidental damage or a conflict in ideas among the team. In these situations, it always pays to have a neutral party involved in the construction project who can offer unbiased advice to get the team back on track. Estimators fit into this role perfectly. A neutral estimator will also be able to give you direction on your budget and finances with a clear head if you do find yourself in a situation where accidental damage (or any other situations) have incurred additional costs.

5. The right estimator helps any project to go smoothly 

An estimator will help support a project from start to finish. Not only does this bring peace of mind to many project managers, but it also ultimately helps construction plans run more smoothly. Your estimator will always be there to double-check that everything is occurring according to the plan you set in place, so you’ll always know how you’re tracking against your schedule and budget.

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