By: Irena Kosturska

What is an estimator?

An estimator is a professional responsible for assessing and calculating the costs associated with construction projects, renovations, or other building-related activities. By analysing project specifications, blueprints, and all relevant documents, they can calculate the quantities of materials needed and estimate associated costs for completing the project. Estimates are key tools for project management and budgeting, helping to assess feasibility, allocate resources, and bid for contracts. Estimators ensure that projects are completed within budget, but simultaneously establish realistic financial expectations for stakeholders.

What are tenders?

Tenders are a formal process where corporations and organisations (government and non-government) invite bids from suppliers and contractors to provide goods, and services, or undertake a project. These are usually specific goods and services that are cheaper for the organisation to outsource due to a lack of a dedicated in-house team for the task.

The tender process involves publishing a request for tender (RFT) or request for proposal (RFP), outlining the requirements, specifications, terms, and conditions of the project or contract. Interested parties then submit their bids or proposals, detailing their qualifications, pricing, timelines, and proposed approach to fulfilling the requirements. Tenders are evaluated based on criteria including compliance with specifications, price competitiveness, past performance, and technical capability. The entity issuing the tender selects the most suitable bidder or proposal based on these evaluations and awards the contract accordingly.

How an estimator can help win clients

Hiring an estimator can significantly improve an organisation’s chances of winning tenders and securing clients in several ways:

Accurate Cost Estimations:
Estimators provide precise and detailed cost breakdowns and estimations for construction projects, ensuring that bids are competitive yet profitable. By hiring a registered quantity surveyor to accurately forecast expenses for labour, materials, and other resources, organisations can submit tenders that reflect realistic project costs. Estimators have access to leading software, such as Buildsoft and Microsoft project, to ensure all their data and estimations are accurate.

Thorough Tender Proposals:
Higher quality reports reflect well on perceptions of a business. Estimators complete comprehensive and professional tender proposals, addressing all project requirements and specifications. By presenting detailed cost breakdowns and project plans, businesses can demonstrate their capability to deliver superior work, thereby increasing their chances of winning tenders.

Client Confidence:
Businesses that engage professional quantity surveyors demonstrate their commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget. Clients are more likely to trust organisations that provide accurate and transparent cost estimations, leading to stronger client relationships and repeat business opportunities.

Saving resources:
Filing tenders is a resource-consuming process. Hiring an estimator means that your business is not required to spend valuable time and resources on expensive estimating equipment and in-house specialists to be competitive at tender acquisition. Instead, your project managers and business can spend valuable time and resources on other tasks instead of getting bogged down with administrative requirements.

How an estimator can help manage risks

Managing risks is another key aspect of construction projects, and an estimator can help mitigate potential challenges. With an in-depth understanding of building processes and construction costs, having a qualified estimator can help a project management team identify and address financial risks early in the estimation process. By providing accurate labour and material measurements, sourcing up-to-date market costs, and undertaking comprehensive assessments, an estimator can help clients avoid costly mistakes and run projects profitably.

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Tender estimating services in Melbourne

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