By: Luka Dickson

Government tenders represent significant opportunities for contractors and builders to secure lucrative projects. However, the tendering process is highly competitive, and requires particular attention to detail, especially in cost estimations. Accurate estimations are essential not only for meeting budgetary requirements but also for demonstrating competence and reliability to government agencies. As government projects often involve significant budgets and strict guidelines to promote fair contracts and avoid corruption, contractors and builders must ensure their tender proposals stand out from the rest. This is where the assistance of an estimating service in Brisbane can help contractors and builders establish their industry expertise and help them stand out from the crowd.

What is a government tender?

A government tender, also known as a public tender or government procurement, is a formal process through which government agencies solicit bids from contractors, suppliers, or service providers to fulfil a specific project or service requirement. These projects can range from infrastructure development and construction to the provision of goods and services. The tendering process typically involves issuing a request for proposal (RFP) or invitation to tender (ITT), outlining the project scope, requirements, evaluation criteria, and submission deadlines.

Government tenders are often for large-scale infrastructure projects with substantial budgets and strict guidelines. Contractors and builders bidding on these projects must ensure that their proposals are not only competitive but also compliant with the specific requirements outlined by the government agency. One crucial aspect of any tender proposal is the cost estimation, which provides an estimate of the total project cost, including materials, labour, and other expenses. An accurate cost estimation not only helps contractors and builders understand the financial implications of the project but also enables them to submit a competitive bid that reflects the true cost of the work.

The respective agency ultimately selects the winning bidder, who is awarded the contract to carry out the project or provide the required goods or services. Tenders are governed by strict regulations and guidelines to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in the procurement process.

How are tender contracts weighted?

Accurate cost estimations are particularly important in government tenders due to the stringent evaluation criteria used by government agencies. Tenders are often assessed based on weighted ratios of 50% methodology, 40% price, and 10% experience, with preference given to contractors and builders with a proven track record of delivering successful projects. Local knowledge and experience are also highly valued, as they demonstrate an understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the local context, alongside promoting local economic growth for the state or region. Contractors and builders must therefore ensure that their cost estimations are comprehensive, accurate, and aligned with the specific needs of the project.

Why an estimating service in Brisbane is important for the tender process?

The process of submitting a tender involves careful preparation. They are typically submitted via government e-portals or online portal services such as TenderLink, EstimateOne or CoreLogic. Here, contractors and builders must provide detailed information about their proposed project, including a comprehensive cost estimation. This is where the assistance of an estimating service in Brisbane can be essential to the chances of successfully getting awarded a tender. If a tender is open for public submission, the government is usually more price-sensitive on the contract. Hence why getting your cost estimating professionally calculated by a registered quantity surveyor can help add more authority to your business’s tender bid, and ultimately improve your chances of winning the contract.

Case Study – Government Tender Contract

One example of a successful tender costing by our estimating service in Brisbane was for a private client in Woolgoolga, New South Wales. The project scope involved a mixture of structural and architectural elements at a public high school that aimed at expanding the covered area and improving foot traffic. The new works included new doors, roofing windows, balustrades, and lighting, alongside a suspended concrete walkway. At Accent Estimating, we prepared a detailed cost report, itemising the structural and internal works, and submitted a competitive price that reflected the scope of the project. As a result, our client was awarded the contract, highlighting the effectiveness of their approach.

Why choose Accent Estimating as a government tender estimating service in Brisbane?

At Accent Estimating, we have a wealth of experience in costing government projects sourced directly from tender portals. Our thorough approach ensures that our estimations are not only accurate but also comprehensive, covering all aspects of the project.

We have hands-on experience with a versatile range of government projects. From rail upgrades to school renovations, and civil buildings to fit-outs, we have estimated projects of various sizes, ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000. This versatility demonstrates our ability to tackle projects of any scale and complexity.

Government Tender Estimating Services in Brisbane

At Accent Estimating, our team of expert, registered quantity surveyors pride ourselves on providing reliable and detailed residential construction estimating services in Brisbane. Our experienced team assures accurate information and support to all builders and contractors.

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