5 Ways To Renovate Your Backyard

Regardless of the size of your backyard – there are always ways to spruce it up or add more to it. This could be to add value to your home or...

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Residential Extensions – The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to estimating services in the residential construction sector – extensions are something we deal with a lot at Accent Estimati...

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6 Predicted Trends For Commercial Design In 2020

Design trends are constantly fluctuating as time moves on. Ideas that once seemed like the pinnacle of aesthetics are now forgotten and buried...

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Fitouts: What Are They And How To Estimate For Them

Whenever a construction project has been completed – it must then be fitted out. Fitouts are essentially the process of dressing up the interior...

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Top 5 Residential Design Trends Of 2019

With only a little over a month left in 2019, our Sydney estimating service team has decided to look back at some of the best home design tips and...

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Why Do Builders Need Estimators?

Tackling a construction project – no matter the size – is a large-scale undertaking. There are a lot of components that work independently and...

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Construction Disputes: Tribunal Or Supreme Court

As premium building cost consultants, we see commercial and residential disputes occur regularly. These disputes can range from a contractor not...

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Cost-Plus Contracts Vs. Fixed-Price Contracts

When you’re looking at building, renovating or repairing a property, then a construction contract is essential to the process. Whilst contra...

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