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As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, and the interior styling of a home is often a due reflection of occupier personality.  In our travels, our team at Accent Estimating have uncovered three basic approaches to interior styling of a home.

  1. People who put a lot of love and attention into creating their own unique spaces; chilled lounge areas, rooms that cater specifically for children, bar rooms, mud rooms, etc.
  2. People who religiously follow styling trends, changing it up as often as the trends change.
  3. People who don’t have a set “style”, don’t follow trends, and just make do with what makes them comfortable, whether that be by choice or by budget.

Styling your home does not need to be onerous nor expensive. Trends of the times are usually fairly easily defined with social media sites, such as Pinterest, and duplicated on limited budget if you are nifty with a tool or two.

Following, we have listed some of the trends of interior styling we have come by in 2017, and ideas on how you could achieve the look with minimal fuss and budget.

Natural Elements
At the forefront of styling trends this year is the ‘Hamptons’ style. A cool, coastal vibe influenced by the retreats of the rich and the famous located just a little north of New York city. Natural and organic materials mimic the breezy coastline-feel. Timber panelling on walls, woven linen throw rugs, beachy-look cane rattan outdoor furniture, and funky handcrafted central pieces.

Remodelling and re-purposing of old furniture, and DIY accents, are being incorporated into homes even more.

The colour of walls is always a game changer inside a home and painting is something you can undertake yourself fairly easily. Simplistic colours like whites and pale greys are featuring this year, partnered cleverly with pastel colours inspired by coastal nature. Duck egg blue, coral, lemon and greens are often used.

Feature Accents
Stripes and patterns are big this year. Attractive focal points and statement pieces. Traditional stripes, a mixture of textures, oversized light fittings, and chunky beach-themed décor.

No matter the trend, interior design should be all about what makes you comfortable. If you decide to follow the trend or get crafty with your feature pieces, there is no need to spend all your savings to do so.

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