Ensure a safe and comfortable environment for
workers and residents alike.

Say your property has been partially damaged due to a fire – or strong winds have landed a tree on your roof – you’re going to need some remedial work done. And, just like with new builds or renovations – our experts are here to give an accurate cost estimation

So, what’s covered under remedial work?

Essentially any form of issue with the building that’s not intended to be there. This could include:

  • Physical defects (cracked walls, bad carpeting etc.);
  • Broken plumbing or electricals;
  • Insurance-related incidents such as fire damage or natural disasters; and
  • Strata property upgrades.

How do we estimate costs for
remedial work?

Our cost estimations are based on design documents that are prepared by architects, building designers or structural engineers who have assessed the building and determined what sort of steps need to be taken to remedy the issues. Specifics such as beam sizes or concrete thickness are examples of the sort of details included in such design documents. Additionally, a building surveyor will write up a scope of works or a report of defects which we’ll also reference in an effort to deliver the most accurate estimation.

Legal ramifications

Remedial cost estimations can be used in NCAT or VCAT cases as evidence that our estimators would need to justify in front of the magistrate. For example, if a builder is found to be guilty of defective work then they’ll have to pay for the repairs that we’ve costed out of their own pocket (or else declare bankruptcy or claim it under insurance).

How does an experienced estimator
tie into this?

Building remediation work can be a stressful time – so don’t go into it blind. With years of experience and a solid portfolio backing us, Accent Estimating can ensure all the right elements are considered – guaranteeing an accurate and comprehensive cost estimation report for your building remediation works. Whether it’s a defective build or a natural disaster has struck – Accent Estimating is at your service.