The tendering process is a vital and demanding time for both the government agency and contractor/builder. If you are bidding on a government contract, then you need your tender to stand out from the rest, and the best way to do that is through accurate and thorough cost estimations.


Swift, professional and precise

Accent Estimating has costed several government projects straight from the tender portals – giving us the experience to help you with your tender proposal. Competitive prices must be taken into account with government projects as there will be several reputable contractors/builders competing for it.

We also push a step forward and take into account any external factors that may work to impede construction – whether it be inductions, safety QA’s or site access. In addition to these factors, our unique positioning and familiarity with the process enables us to understand the small window that government tender bids have, meaning we will complete the costing swiftly and efficiently.

Hands-on experience with a versatile range of projects

We have had experience interpreting and estimating government projects such as rail upgrades, school renovations, civil buildings, fitouts and new structures. We can estimate for projects of any size. Some of the projects we have estimated in the past have ranged from between $50,000 to $10,000,000 – showcasing our versatility when it comes to government tender costing.

What makes a good tender?

Generally, tenders can be nominated based on weighted ratios of 50% methodology, 40% price and 10% experience. The Australian Government tends to lean towards local, regional and contractors/builders with a track record, however tendering at a competitive price and having the appropriate accreditations, methodology, cash flow and being able to answer each item of the invitation to tender is equally as essential.

The tenders are submitted via a government e-portal or another online portal service such as TenderLink, EstimateOne or CoreLogic. The tenders are either invite-only or open to the public. If they are open for public submission, then there is usually a very price-sensitive determination of being awarded the tender.

Bolstering your chances

A precise and quality estimation goes a long way – especially with a government tender – so make sure you use the best estimators and increase your chances of winning the bid exponentially with a proven agency like Accent Estimating.