An accurate estimate is a crucial part of ensuring your next dream renovation doesn’t end up turning into a nightmare.

Whether you’re a builder who wants to delight their clients or a homeowner looking for a more in-depth understanding of the building processes and construction cost – Accent Estimating can help you by providing an accurate building estimate service of the costs of your next renovation – and save you from any nasty surprises. Armed with the latest technologies and years of experience, Accent Estimating delivers cost management, tenders and building estimate services to builders and home renovators all over Australia.

Reducing the unknowns in your next renovation.

We can use our experience to find ways to streamline the renovation process, so you know exactly where your money is going. An effective renovation strategy will ensure you get the most out of your renovation budget by factoring in all the costs and ensuring you use your existing services to their full potential whilst minimising any structural or excavation costs. Don’t forget to create a contingency plan just in case things don’t go according to plan.

Placing Appliances

Considering the best place to locate a new wet area or hot water unit can save money on reworking your plumbing or gas services, while also minimising your running costs and water wastage (while you wait for the hot water to get to the tap).

Working out the best places for power points and lighting configurations is easy to get wrong!  Working with an expert will help ensure you don’t end up with dreaded “wall acne” when you need to add extra switches and power points further down the track.

Cost variables

There are a number of variables that should be considered when estimating the costs of a home extension or renovation, such as:

  • Project size and complexity;
  • Types of materials, fixtures and fittings;
  • Type of terrain;
  • Size of the building company/profit margins;
  • Construction overruns – contingency planning;
  • Site access, parking spots for machinery, excavators etc;
  • Removal of rubbish and builders waste;
  • Planning delays;
  • Weather delays; and
  • Seasonal factors such as public holidays and busy periods.

Latest Trends

If this all sounds daunting to you, you’re not alone! Accent Estimating are here to help you plan your dream renovation from start to finish all whilst delivering a quality and accurate building estimation service. We are across the latest home renovation and redesign trends and can offer recommendations if we see a better way.

Some of the latest home renovation trends that are inspiring us at the moment include:

  • Conversions – We love being able to save money by finding ways to convert an existing structure into an extra bedroom, office or granny flat. That huge barn could be a loft apartment waiting to happen.
  • Smart design principles – Make your home more sustainable and cut costs by following smart, passive design principles. Making the most of Mother Nature’s heating and cooling breezes stops you from using unnecessary heating and cooling.
  • Bringing your outdoors in – We can help you enjoy your garden and backyard environment no matter the climate with cost-effective decking and a glass conservatory.
  • Glazed Timber Extensions – This is a great way to enjoy a workable room, entirely made of glass and timber without the limitations of a traditional conservatory. Turn your conservatory into your kitchen lounge or even bedroom.
  • Sloped terrain is no longer a liability – Why not embrace your homes natural landscapes and create additional rooms with areas you can garden underneath?
  • We all want to work from home – We can help you create a home office that helps you work productively and comfortable in the best way possible. Whatever space you want to convert – be it a little nook under the stairs or a garden shed – we can help you plan out an ergonomic, quiet workspace that will make working from home a dream.
  • Increase the value of your home with an extra bathroom – It may seem like an unnecessary cost at the time but adding an extra bathroom can increase the resale value of your home when done correctly. We can help plan out your new bathroom in the most cost-effective way, so it blends well with your existing home and suits your needs perfectly.

Looking for a building estimate service?

Accent Estimating has years of experience delivering accurate and efficient building estimate services to a broad range of clientele. Our industry knowledge and insight can bring you knew aspects and ideas that wouldn’t have previously crossed your mind.

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